Hey, I'm Kevin Hood


As you read this, I imagine you’re able to look back on a pretty long list of accomplishments.  After all, you’ve got keen sense and you tend to pick up on things that others miss.

  • You’re a quick learner, physically adept, and you nourish the best within you.
  • You’re not afraid to take risks and you see opportunity where others might not.
  • What’s more, people generally like you.  You’re kind, generous, and giving.

And with that,

  • You’re the type of person that likes to go deep.

  • You value nature, creativity, and the interconnectedness of all things.

No doubt, this has fueled a life of a lot of growth.


And yet, you can’t help feeling like something isn’t clicking in to place.


If that sounds like you you’re probably in the right place.

  • Perhaps you have a tendency to become hyper-fixated on your work and wind up putting your own needs on the back-burner.
  • Your sensitivity and connection to the natural world can leave you feeling exposed, unprotected and vulnerable.
  • And while you excel at just about everything you do, you have trouble connecting the dots in your own creative pursuits



Here's what I'm about:


I started and operated a successful construction business for 5 years, before leaving it, realizing it was taking too much of a toll on my health.  It wasn’t in-line with my priorities or my values any longer.  It was a tough decision, but in some ways one of the easiest decisions of my life.


Before all that, I had discovered the healing capacities of my body, my mind, and the natural world.


I grew up with asthma, ADHD, and chronic allergies.  I found myself helplessly addicted to tobacco.  Through my own research and curiosity I healed my lungs and began honing my physical and cognitive abilities.  Even then, I was at odds with earning a living, I was always a top-performer at whatever line of work I was in, yet I never seemed to have enough room to do the things that spoke to my soul. I began to develop chronic and persistent health problems that brought my life to a standstill.  Again, through my ability to find my way, I overcame addiction, illness, full on burn-out and my adversarial relationship with myself.

I’d love to share with you how you can do the same in your life too.


Drawing on years of deep wilderness immersion, natural movement, embodiment, holistic health, and entrepreneurship I’ve helped my clients, people just like you, optimize their bodies, sharpen their mind, and tap in to the natural flow of their vision in life.

Ready to find out how?


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